Southeast Greenland Cruise, Aug-Oct, 1996

This cruise was a collaborative effort, done together with the Danish Lithosphere Center (co-PI's Hans Christian Larsen, Trine Dahl-Jensen, and John Hopper).  The U.S. PI's were myself (then at WHOI), Peter Kelemen, Graham Kent, and Bob Detrick.  This was a long cruise -- 45 days -- featuring some of the most spectacular sights I've ever seen at sea:  coastal mountains and glaciers, whales, the Aurora borealis, and (as you'll see below) icebergs galore.  (As a side note, this cruise also had some of the worst weather I've ever experienced at sea... but that's Greenland in October for you.)

Approaching the OBS.
OBS recovered...
...and safely on deck.
Iceberg off the gun boom
Bergs and brash ice
More bergs
Coast with icebergs
Brash ice and bergy bits
The oil barge
I wouldn't want to be out there...
OBS on a wave
The WHOI science party

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