Newfoundland Basin, 2000, R/V Ewing

This was a cruise on which Brian Tucholke (WHOI) and I sailed as Co-Chief Scientists, in collaboration with Keith Louden (Dalhousie University), who sailed as Chief Scientist on the R/V Oceanus in this two-ship operation, and Hans Christian Larsen and John Hopper, then both at the Danish Lithosphere Centre.  It took us years (and six tries, if I recall) to get this proposal funded, but a lot of good science came out of it once we finally got to do it. 

Oceanus departs
Steve and Brian
Nunes departing
Where does this thing go?
The Ewing's main lab
Donna and Mike at the controls
BBQ on the Steel Beach
Hophead and his Mac
Joe Stennett deploying a sonobuoy
Seeking a wayward OBS
The OBS recovered...
...and brought on board.
Capt. Jim O'Loughlin
The pilot boat approaches
Engine control room
The engine room.
The science crew

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