Blake Ridge Cruise, Aug-Oct. 2000, R/V Ewing

This was a collaborative effort with Dan Lizarralde (then of Georgia Tech University) and Ingo Pecher (then of UTIG) to study the distribution of hydrate and free gas on the Blake Ridge, one of the premier gas hydrate provinces on Earth.

The most important pre-cruise planning is...
Let me check if this streamer feels right
Man I love doin' this
Godspeed, young bird
Streamer party
OBS Deployment (daytime)
OBS Deployment (nighttime)
OBS recovery
A wuzzle of wires
The mess
A cabin
The lounge
A sunny spot and a good book
Not a good place to be
Florence weather map
Hurricane sky
Ewing crow's nest
The view from up there
Mau Thayer and Jill Nimblett
Mau at sunset
Ewing at the dock in Norfolk, VA
Unloading OBS's

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