Funded Projects as PI or co-PI:

2012-2017:  “Water in a Changing West: The Wyoming Center for Environmental Hydrology and Geophysics,” A. Sylvester, W.S. Holbrook, and S.N. Miller, co-PI’s, NSF-EPSCoR, $20,000,000.  

2011-2012: “Collaborative Research: A Short, Open-Access 2D MCS Acquisition Program off Washington State,” W.S. Holbrook, PI, National Science Foundation, $109,667 ($51,656 to UWyo).

2010-2011: “Collaborative Research:  A Workshop Proposal for Improving Access to R/V Langseth Seismic Data,” W.S. Holbrook, PI, National Science Foundation, $21,042.

2009-2012:  “Seismic Oceanography: Non-linear internal waves in the South China Sea and Three-Dimensional Maps of Ocean Temperature and Turbulence,” W.S. Holbrook and S. Mallick, co-PI’s, Office of Naval Research (DEPSCoR), $472,262.

2006-2009:  “Collaborative Research: Quantitative Estimates of Oceanic Turbulence and Temperature Structure from Seismic Reflection Data,” W.S. Holbrook and R.W. Schmitt (WHOI), co-PI’s, NSF-PO, $633,842 ($403,799 to UWyo). 

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