Graduate and Post-graduate Supervision

Graduate Students:

Current Graduate Advisees:

   Jorden Hayes (PhD)

   Brady Flinchum (PhD)

   Mario Mata (MS)

   Chris Novitsky (MS)

   Jordan Leone (MS)

   Casey McGuffy (MS)

Graduate Degrees Completed Under My Supervision:

   Daniel Lizarralde (PhD 1997, WHOI/MIT; currently Assoc. Sci. at WHOI)

   Jun Korenaga (co-advisor; PhD 1999, WHOI/MIT; currently Prof. at Yale University)

   Ryan Smith (MS 1999, UW; currently ChevronTexaco)

   Margie Kloska (MS 1999, UW; currently ExxonMobil)

   Jeff Austin (MS 2001, UW; currently ChevronTexaco)

   Kara Hackwith (MS 2002; currently TotalFinaElf)

   Greg Nunes (MS 2002; currently ExxonMobil)

   Jake Deeds (MS 2002; currently ChevronTexaco)

   Donna Shillington (PhD 2004, UW; currently at LDEO, Columbia University)

   Matt Hornbach (PhD 2004, UW; currently professor at SMU)

   Papia Nandi (MS 2005, UW; currently British Petroleum)

   Jeffrey Nealon (PhD 2006; currently ChevronTexaco)

   Pedro Páramo (PhD 2006; currently British Petroleum)

   Hillary Brown (PhD 2007; currently ConocoPhillips)

   L. Cody Helfrich (MS 2008; currently BP-Alaska)

   Elizabeth Wilson (MS 2008; currently ConocoPhillips)

   Maximiliano Garnier (MS 2012; currently PhD student, University of Wisconsin)

   Alicia von Lanken (MS 2012; currently Chevron)

   Erik Everson (PhD 2014; currently Chevron)

   Ryan Armstrong (MS 2015; currently Hess)

   Will Fortin (PhD 2015)

   James St. Clair (PhD 2015)

Current Graduate Committee Memberships:

Past Graduate Committee Memberships:

   Huayu Yuan (PhD)

   Tim Schroeder (PhD)

   Brian Welch (PhD)

   Jingru Chen (MS)

   John Buggenhagen (PhD)

   Gail Christeson (PhD, WHOI/MIT)

    John Jasbinsek (PhD)

    Liz Hajek (PhD)

    Jeannette Peck (MS)

Postdoctoral Advisees:


Sylvain Pasquet, 2015- (PhD Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France)

Mehrez Elwaseif, 2013- (PhD 2012, Rutgers Univ.)


Joel Seymour, 2004-2007  (PhD 2001, Texas A&M; currently ExxonMobil)

Andrew Bullock, 2004-2007  (PhD 2004, Southampton University; currently Schlumberger)

Scott Pearse, 2003  (PhD 2002, Cambridge University), currently Maersk.

Andrew Gorman, (UW, 2000-2003, PhD 2000, University of British Columbia, currently at Otago University, New Zealand)

Harm van Avendonk, (UW, 1998-2002, PhD 1998, Scripps Inst. of Oceanography; currently at Univ. of Texas Inst. for Geophysics)

Yuri Ganchin (UW, 1997-1999; PhD 1997, University of Wyoming; currently at Wyoming Geological Survey)

Ingo Pecher (WHOI, 1995-1997; PhD 1995, Kiel University; currently at University of Auckland, New Zealand)

Tanya Blacic, 2007-2012 (PhD 2006, University of California, Davis; currently at Montclair State University)

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